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Automatic chargers
Automatic chargers

Perfectly suited for embedded applications, our automatic chargers for lead batteries (gel or liquid) will allow you to reduce size and weight in a practical manner (Power Sly and Power Cool) !

  • Silent: no fan needed
  • Reduced size: light and small volume
  • UIUo charge: for a 100% charge
  • Global protection: inputs and outputs
  • Fast connections: unpluggable connectors
  • LED status information: On / Boost / float
  • Entirely tropicalized board: against condensation
  • Selection of lead gel through strap: to adapt the system to your battery technology
  • Deals with Lead-Calcium technology: for modern battery technologies
  • 1 specific output for motor battery: for maintaining the motor battery and preserving most of the loading for the auxiliary battery
  • Additionnal board in option: for remote charger voltage and current measurements
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